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Discovery’s Last Flight

Posted on February 28th, 2011

It was the sign I had waited 115 days to see: “Days until launch: 0”. Driving towards the press site I was asking myself, “is this it? is this the day that Discovery will finally launch?” The last time I was here, I watched tearfully as Discovery’s flag was ceremoniously lowered from the flagpole beside the mission countdown clock. The launch had been scrubbed due to a hydrogen leak and all my hopes were dashed. Today though, the sun was shining, the press trucks were out in force, and I was ready to see this bird fly. Photo Joel Sartore There was a nervous pause as we heard that the countdown clock had been stopped. A problem with range control meant that at that…

Egyptians Are Standing Tall

Posted on February 11th, 2011

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarek stepped down from power today amid two weeks of protests to his rule by Egyptian citizens. On the evening of February 10th with protesters numbering in the tens of thousands it was greatly anticipated the President Mabarek was going to cede power to Vice President Omar Suleiman during his speech to the nation.  But instead he made the symbolic gesture of handing over some authority to Suleiman while maintaining his twenty-nine year presidency.  Enraged protesters, emboldened by Mubarek’s defiance to the their demands, marched on the presidential palace and tore apart military barricades that were protecting the State Television and Radio Building. This morning Vice President Suleiman announced that Mubarek would step down hand power over to the military.  The protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square…