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Happy Labor Day!

Posted on August 27th, 2010

The traditional calendar mark indicating Summer’s watch over the planet is coming to an end is just around the corner. Some cities will experience high temperatures for a few more months while others will start donning light jackets and anticipate the changing of arboreal colors. The age group that experiences the most drastic change during this time of year are the high school graduates. Some will start a job or an apprenticeship, others will be off to college. All will be part of a right of passage that will see bittersweet tears at the end of August as most friends scatter in different directions. Everything that was known up until this point is about to change. The summer after high school graduation is a…

The Great Experiment, Prohibition Continues

Posted on August 19th, 2010

There we were, a virtual mosaic sampling of the states that make up this great United States of America: One Tennessean, a Texan, an Arizonan and me, a native Pennsylvanian. Realizing that Labor Day and the end of summer was fast approaching; we crammed ourselves into an SUV, along with all of our camping gear, and headed off, out of state, for a late summer weekend. Midway to our destination the telltale sound of an aluminum can opening called our attention to the backseat. Photo Gordon Wiltsie Our born and bred Texan brother had opened himself a can of beer. Screeching brakes was the next sound that was heard by all. “Are you freakin crazy, you can’t drink a beer in the car,” we…

The hackers life – my weekend at Defcon

Posted on August 6th, 2010

I’m walking with Nico through the hallways of the convention area of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. There is a distinct old school feeling at the Riviera that reminds one of the days when Las Vegas was run by the family. Walking swiftly Nico tells me that we might see security expert Chris Paget get arrested during his presentation. “Arrested?” As we get closer to the hall where Paget is presenting, I can hear someone yelling, “if you have a GSM cell phone, your call may be intercepted. If you do not want this to happen, then turn off your cell phone.” The vociferous warning is supported by the flyers I see haphazardly taped to the walls. Photo Lou Lesko Using a laptop,…