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Awaiting the Spill – Jodi Cobb

Posted on May 24th, 2010

The beaches of the Gulf Coast are surprisingly among the most beautiful in the world, and my toes first touched their sugar sands when I was six months old. My mother dipped me in and out of the gentle waves, and judging from the photographs, it was gleeful for both of us. Photo Jodi Cobb Summers meant family trips to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and the memories and the photographs intertwine: my grandfather bobbing peacefully on his air mattress on the calm surf, pith helmet on his bald head, smoking a pipe. My mother fishing from the pier at night, sometimes still there as the sun came up. I would go out to watch her—it was the only reason I was allowed to stay out…

Saving the Whooping Crane

Posted on May 14th, 2010

The whooping crane is a rare creature, with its abnormally long legs, and distinct call. In North America, there are approximately 340 cranes living in the wild. And that number, despite numerous conservation efforts, seems to be dwindling. Photo Joel Sartore The whooping crane is a creature of habitat, and depends on a stable environment for food and nesting. The crane has made its permanent home in a National Park in Canada, known as the Whooping Crane Summer Range. During the winter, the whooping cranes migrate towards the Gulf coast near Texas, a fact which has many environmentalist worried considering the crane’s low population. In the Gulf of Mexico the oil spill is already affecting many of the local species, beaching hundreds of oil…