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Beverly and Dereck Joubert on 60 Minutes

Posted on November 30th, 2012

This past Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a segment featuring Beverly and Dereck Joubert called “Discovering the Secrets of Lions.”

The show speaks to Beverly and Dereck’s lives in Botswana, researching the behaviors and lives of big cats with a keen focus on lions. As Dereck says, “We’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours with them. We’ve spent more hours with lions than we’ve done at university, school, with either of our parents. So this is our family in many ways.”

In the 60 Minutes segment they talk about the process of making their films, each of which can take many years and their work with specific animals. They became very close to one lioness, Ma di Tau, in their research. They note that there are some events in the animals life that are just too emotional to feature in their documentaries.

Watch the entire segment here: Discovering the Secrets of Lions