In the October issue of Photo District News Annie Griffiths speaks about her work with several other photographers to provide their photos free of charge for use in advocacy campaigns. Griffiths hopes to convince policy-makers that the best way to effect change is by focusing on women. In many of the areas of the world that they hope to target for aid and support, women are the heavy lifters in the society are thus, the most in need. As Griffiths says in the article, “There’s tons of data that shows if you invest in a woman, you get three times the return than when you invest in a man.”

The organization is Ripple Effect. The group will help cover costs to send photographers and film makers into areas to cover specific groups, communities, and social strata such as a water collection program supported by World Church in Kenya or the garbage pickers in Dehli. She hopes to change the view of women as victims and enable them to be a vehicle for change and sources of strength in their communities. She wants to find more positive messages for women, to help them pull their image up.

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