National Geographic Assignment: Behind the Scenes

Brian Skerry for

Whether it be a haunting photograph of the nearly extinct Leatherback Turtle, or a breath-taking snapshot of a secret, underground waterfall, National Geographic photographers have always provided us with a direct view of some of the world’s most majestic places and fantastical creatures.

National Geographic Assignment is taking this insight to the next level,by providing behind-the-scenes footage of some of you favorite National Geographic photographs.

David Littschwager’s “One Cubic Foot” video series, in which he explores the the biodiversity found within one cubic foot, Paul Nicklen’s incredible bonding experience with a Leopard Seal and Brian Skerry’s face-off with a 70-ton Right Whale in the deep waters of the Arctic South (as seen above), are just a few of the colorful video clips featured on the National Geographic Assignment video page, which can be viewed here.