Nuestra Mirada Magazine – Pablo Corral

photo by Horacio Coppola

We are honored to present the first issue of Nuestra Mirada magazine, devoted entirely to the city of Buenos Aires.

Our intention is that this virtual magazine shall revolve around photography and visual journalism and, through the matchless power of the image, illuminate the major issues affecting Latin America.

We do not know each other, but we have so much in common: a tumultuous history, a similar understanding of the world, a shared language, a drive to live vividly and to die well. And yet we are strangers. We know the music of our neighbors, we celebrate the diversity of accents and idiosyncrasies, but Ibero-America is big and complex, too much remains to be discovered. Mexicans know little about Chileans, Chileans do not know enough about the Argentines, the Spanish have forgotten about the bond that connected them to America, and Brazil and the Spanish-speaking countries stand with their backs to each other. We are strangers among ourselves. Nuestra Mirada was created with the goal of building bridges among the people of Ibero-America, with the intention of being a space to share, to discuss, to dream, and to celebrate our diversity and unity.

There are many photographers whose work is not known beyond their own country’s borders. Some have covered urgent issues but have not found a way to spread their message. This magazine will help promote their work and become a space for broader thought and reflection.

Buenos Aires is one of the great cities of the world, one of the most sophisticated and complex. We wanted to present it from many angles. To that end we have chosen several masters of Argentine photography, and we have also included young photographers whose work is not yet known. Each gallery is accompanied by an article or interview that invites deeper understanding of the artists and the city they portray.

The themes we have chosen are diverse: human rights, history, environment, art, architecture, politics, everyday life, culture, and travel. Despite these many angles, the vision of Buenos Aires that we offer will certainly be arbitrary and incomplete.